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This site gives students, teachers and parents the opportunity to explore world religions across more than 2000 years through objects currently based in Cambridge. It is aimed at students aged 11-14 but it is hoped that the site has something of interest for all those interested in the study of religion.

The resources have been selected by members of the departments/faculties, museums, libraries and colleges of the University of Cambridge. The resources that accompany the images have been written by academic staff, librarians, and museum curators.

The project was conceived by Laura Jeffrey at the Faculty of Divinity and the site has been generously funded by the University’s Widening Participation Project Fund, administered by the Cambridge Admissions Office.

Studying Religion

We hope very much that this site gives you a taste for learning more about religion at GCSE, A-level and degree-level.

The study of religion at university often departs quite radically from the subject at school. First, you will find it called a range of different names, depending on where it is taught: Divinity, Theology, Religion, Religious Studies, or Philosophy of Religion.

Sometimes course content is similar, sometimes very different. One thing that most courses offer is the opportunity to study world religions from a range of perspectives: Literature, History, Languages (ancient and modern), Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Politics, Philosophy, and even Science. You can study multiple interests at one time, with the common theme of religion underlying them.

More information about the course at Cambridge can be found on the Faculty of Divinity’s webpages.


All text is the copyright of the University of Cambridge and must not be used without credit. All images are under copyright and must not be reproduced without the permission of the library, museum or college where the object is held. Please contact the individual institution for more information.

Thank you

We are very grateful for the help of the following people in writing content for this site:

James Aitken
Faculty of Divinity and Fitzwilliam College

Catherine Ansorge
Cambridge University Library

Charles Aylmer
Cambridge University Library

Ankur Barua
Faculty of Divinity

Alex Browne
Clare College Library and St Edmund’s College Library

Janet Bunker
Parish of the Ascension

James Carleton Paget
Faculty of Divinity and Peterhouse College

Donal Cooper
Department of History of Art and Jesus College

Andrew Davison
Faculty of Divinity and Corpus Christi College

Nicholas de Lange
Faculty of Divinity

Seb Falk
Department of History and Philosophy of Science

Garth Fowden
Faculty of Divinity

Simon Gathercole
Faculty of Divinity and Fitzwilliam College

Amanda Goode
Emmanuel College

Malcolm Guite
Girton College

Peter Harland
Faculty of Divinity

Colin Higgins
St Catharine’s College

Charlotte Hoare
Christ’s College Library

Ailsa Hunt
Faculty of Classics and Newnham College

Nathan MacDonald
Faculty of Divinity and St John’s College

Patricia McGuire
King’s College

Kathryn McKee
St John’s College

Jane McLarty
Faculty of Divinity and Wolfson College

Ben Outhwaite
Cambridge University Library

Suzanne Paul
Cambridge University Library

Anna Pensaert
Cambridge University Library and Pendlebury Library of Music

Catherine Pickstock
Faculty of Divinity and Emmanuel College

Edward Potten
Cambridge University Library

Elizabeth Powell
Faculty of Divinity

Richard Rex
Faculty of Divinity and Queens’ College

Philip Saunders
Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide

Lucy Sercombe
The Fitzwilliam Museum

Lucy Shipp
The Fitzwilliam Museum

Sally Stafford
Cambridge University Library

Tony Street
Divinity, Clare Hall

Nadiya Takolia
Faculty of Divinity

Andrew Thompson
Queens’ College

Dorothy J. Thompson
Girton College

Margaret Thompson
Westminster College, Cambridge Theological Federation

Vincenzo Vergiani
Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Daniel Weiss
Faculty of Divinity and Darwin College

Emma Wild-Wood
Faculty of Divinity and Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide

Barry Windeatt
Emmanuel College