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Welcome to TreasureQuest!

Look through the treasures and answer the questions. You’ll collect jewels and for each level reached, earn certificates.

How far will you go?

You need an adult’s permission to join. Or play the game without joining, but you’ll not be able to save your progress.

What is TreasureQuest?

We created TreasureQuest to encourage visitors to the site to get involved and really explore all the treasures. Each treasure has three associated questions with multiple-choice answers. Each correct answer awards one jewel, and each jewel helps you progress to the next stage. Certificates can be claimed at different stages – with the final award for members who claim all 150 jewels!

How to register

You have to be over 18 to register and will need an active email address. Once registered, a teacher or other adult, can create multiple accounts for children or students under 18. Click here to Register.

Creating ‘student or child’ accounts

Once an adult has successfully registered, they can create ‘Users’. All you need is a username and a password for each additional user. We do NOT ask for children’s real names or email addresses, so to keep safe, please use nicknames when creating these accounts.

The students or children can then log in themselves with their own username and password and play the game.

Managing Users

The adult owner of the account can add or delete users at any time.