Exploring the world of art, history, science and literature. Through Religion

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Look through the treasures and answer the questions. You’ll collect jewels and for each level reached, earn certificates.

How far will you go?

You need an adult’s permission to join. Or play the game without joining, but you’ll not be able to save your progress.

Information for Parents and Teachers

This site has been developed by the Faculty of Divinity at the University of Cambridge. It is aimed at students aged 11-14. It has a purely educational purpose: it aims to engage increasing numbers with the study of religion at school and university.

The choice of resources has been guided by the collections of the university and its colleges; it is naturally more Christian in content because of this.

It aims to demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of the subject as it studied at university, which draws on the fields of literature, history, archaeology, anthropology, politics and science.

The Quiz has been designed to encourage students to return to the site and engage deeply with the written resources. The reward system is purely motivational. Students can download certificates when they have answered a set number of questions. No personal data about your children will be stored or distributed.